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Pamela's Feng Shui consultation is thorough,  in-depth, and broad. The consultation service can be performed in person or remote, Feng Shui blessings for the ground  breaking, for laying the foundation, construction site, blessings for the grand opening, for move-in, visiting buildings, businesses, and homes.  

Geomancy / Feng Shui Consultations

What Is a Feng Shui Consultation and How Does It Work?

The name “Feng Shui” is translated as “wind” and “water”, and comes from an ancient Chinese poem, describing the ideal living conditions:

The winds are mild,

The sun is bright,

The water is clear,

The trees are lush.

Feng Shui is the name for an intuitive, practical art that seeks to bring people and their  environment into the most positive relationship ... and then the sky will  have a new Light .It is another World. 

Amid confusion~ Peace.Amid Peace ~ a festive air Upon coming into  its presence, ones eyes are opened.. If one sits or lays, Ones Heart grows  Joyful. Here the Chi gathers and the essence  collects Light shines in  the Middle then Magic goes out to all sides.
Quotes by Steven Post my teacher from MJE Feng Shui school

Pamela's Feng Shui consultation is thorough,  in-depth, and broad. The consultation service can be performed by  discussion of the conceptual ideas of architectural design, analysis of  the site plan and floor plan, Feng Shui blessings for the ground  breaking, Feng Shui blessings for laying the foundation, visiting the  construction site, Feng Shui blessings for the grand opening, Feng Shui  blessings for move-in, visiting the existing buildings, businesses, and  homes.

Pamela has been a Practitioner of the art of Feng Shui for 25 years  and is a Certified Gradate Class of 2002 Senior student of BTB Master Training Program MJE learning center in NYC & GEO Feng Shui / Geomancy  school Geo Feng Shui School with Great Teachers.(established by  Professor Lin Yun he brought the Art to the USA) Along with Pro Master Yun Lin in depth Teachings ,Professor Lin Yun emphasizes identifying chi  (energy flow)as the first step, Feng Shui expert,"according to  Professor Lin Yun" are at once the Priests and Doctors of the  environmentally ill. They hold the sacred and profound knowledge of the  fates of man and earth ,As Priests they read and interpret both visible  and invisible signs and positive forces in the cosmos, They define man's  place in the Universe, As Doctor,they detect the Earth's pulse,  determining where man will live the most healthy ,productive, prosperous  and happy life, and where buildings will least disturb the earth's  circulation. Being receptive to the environment, the Feng Shui expert  can analyze physical settings, such as mountains, trees, wind, water and  star alignments, most likely the early Feng Shui person was a  rainmaker, He gathers information from his surroundings ,reading signs  and forewarning in breezes, leaf colors, moon rings, the smell of rain,  insects and animal behavior,rock moisture and stars, waves. For all the  mysteries that surround it,The all of it all. Feng Shui / Geomancy  evolved from the simple observations that people are affected for good  or ill by their surroundings ,the layout and orientation of their  workplaces and homes" By observing the space and chi, appropriate  adjustments can then be made in the environment for many different  outcomes This is my life work. I love being of service in it all.

One Light Harmony University of living light

Pamela Sophia Ray
Cosmologist / Geomancer / Light therapist
Native American studies  - Dharma - Zen consultant

Feng Shui consultations may include any or all of the following:  

  • Discussion of what you’d like to work on, your priorities and wishes
  • Astrology and/or numerology review
  • Site walk through
  • Suggestions for adjustments
  • Implementation of adjustments
  • Space clearing or blessing
  •  Grave-sites consultation
  • Ho’o ponopono  & Ancestor's work 


“Feng Shui deals with the close relationship  between one’s well-being and his living and working environments. The  knowledge of Feng Shui is actually the study of how to eliminate harmful  impacts on one’s life from the environments, and how to optimize one’s  life by acquiring comfort and happiness from the environments.” 


Remote or In Person

Feng Shui / Geomancy Consultations

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Consultation Feng Shui
Homes $400:00 on site and distance
Business price per-assignment  

for appointments, leave your email or phone after paying - fee might change according to the job ~ home or business