Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Crystal Light  Bed Therapy

What is it?

Crystal  light bed therapy is a healing technique that can balance the chakras  and increase the overall energy of your body.  The crystal bed has 7 Vogel cut quartz crystals suspended above the bed where you lay down and  have a color and frequency associated with each of the 7 chakras. So  just like everything else in holistic healing, it’s all about energy.  The crystals cleanse your energy field and open any blockages that are  preventing you from healing. 

​Crystal  Light Bed Chakra healing is a form of Chromotherapy. It is also a  crystal healing as well. Since the light beams travel through the highly  polished quartz crystal energy generators. In addition to the light and  crystal there is also a sound healing component involved since a  specific relaxing spiritual tunes are played during a session and is  part of the whole experience.


What is Chromotherapy?

Crystal Light Bed is an advanced chromatic healing therapy that uses  rainbow colored light beams focused on the body through seven very pure  quartz crystals. These crystals are born in a bed of water deep beneath  the earth in Brazil… then sculpted under a waterfall… and are specially  chosen by Casa de Dom Inacio who authorizes the Light Bed for use by  select, trained therapists.

Chromotherapy also know as  “color therapy,” is based in the belief that through light in the form of color, one can balance energy and help to heal a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.

The rainbow lights create a powerful combination of vibrational energies that resonate with your energy. Chromotherapy involves the seven chakras that exist within the body and are located along the spine. These seven chakras are identified by both color and location. 


How does it works?

White  light is passed through a colored filter and then amplified through a  Vogel style quartz crystal. There are 7 of these crystals positioned  above you, each crystal aligning to one of your major energy centers,  (chakras). Colored light matching the vibrational frequency of each  chakra is pulsed in specific rhythms to help cleanse, balance and align  your body’s energy field.


What to Expect?

 You  lay face up on a bed or table  fully clothed (ideally in white/ light   clothing) listening to soothing music while being bathed in living  light.
Your personal experience will be  based on your own level of awareness and how you perceive generally –  there is no universal response. Some people experience physical  sensations that can range from tingling, chills/heat,  pressure/weightlessness, slight bodily movements, feeling energy moving  through the body or physical pain releasing. Not everyone experiences  physical sensations however, for some it is an emotional release they  are aware of. Others see colors, images or scenes from past experiences  flash before their inner eye often providing insight and illumination.  Many drift into a trance like state (or fall asleep) being aware only of  a deep sense of relaxation which is often accompanied by a feeling of  timelessness.

The work can seem very subtle and yet often has profound effects beyond anything we can fully comprehend.


Remote or In Person

Crystal Light Bed

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