Pamela Sophia Rays

Cosmologist / Geomancer Feng Shui -Dharma /Zen Buddhist Practitioner

Pamela Sophia Rays, founder of One Light Harmony and Zen Chi University.

She has been a practitioner since 1993 with the Art of Feng Shui, Certified Graduated of  BTB School of Feng Shui founderd by HH Professor Lin Yun & senior disciples of Professor Lin Yun
Edgar Sung, Steven Post & Barry Gordon. 

Pamela is certified as a Red ribbon practitioner and a member of the  international Feng Shui guild. Zen Chi University is a Gold School  listed with The Feng Shui Guild.

She travels the world international with her wisdom in Cosmology, Dharma, Feng  Shui & Geomancy reading the chi of any situation. Consulting along with conducting distance Feng Shui, land plots & floor plans, reading the chi, As a medium, creating excellence Feng Shui, harmony and balance In any environmental situation. With the FUN Shui and LOVE Shui available to all.

Pamela is a Cosmologist, Geomancer Feng Shui, Dharma, Zen Buddhist  Practitioner along with a Light therapist & director of Zen Chi University also her passion is in Cosmology infused mural & canvas painting


Pamela loves writing and lives in North Carolina; her Shui is with her companions that walk with her on her path, her sweet wolfer girl Maya and her shaman boy border collie Francisco (from Brazil).